Changa Casino

Try your luck at "Changa Casino". Coming on iOS in 2013!

Hic Sunt Dracones

Here be dragons! The most anticipated changa game of 2011, 2012 and 2013.

It will be ready when it will be ready, stop asking dumb questions!

Square Zombies

They are small. They are square. And they are undead! Destroy hordes of itty bitty tiny zombies and save our precious little planet. The day Z has come!

Available on the App Store

“So, Constable Visit, there's a god on our side, is there?"
"Certainly, sir."
"But probably also a god on their side as well?"
"Very likely, sir. There's a god on every side."
"Let's hope they balance out, then.”Terry Pratchett

What the hell Changa is?

Changa is the new wave of mobile gaming. Founded in 2012 Changa is actively expanding.

Currently our team consists of:

  • Vadim Hrustalyov - CEO
  • Peter Prokop - CTO
  • Nikita Tkhorzhevskii - game designer
  • Anton Kovalchuk - senior developer
  • Mikhail Mikhailov - frontend wizard

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